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Welcome To My Home Page of shenmue
Hello and welcome to my shenmue web site. The resone I made this web site is to prove my brother rong and to show him I do know some thing about comeputers. But the real reson was beacause im a big shenmue fan. And I just whant as meny of you to know what I know about shenmue and to get you thinking about stoff that you did not think of befor. Well read ahead and dont forget to sine my guest book. So I hope you like this web sit and besher to viset again because im udating constenly.
Listing Site Updates
All up dates will be made at the end of each month
every 2 weeks so cep in tuch and come back again
In cluding caments and questions.

Last update 9-5-02
Welcome To My Home Page
This would also be a great place to include any new information or changes that you have made to your site recently. It is important to regularly change the content on your site and make updates to the information that you display. Doing this will help you to get more return visits from your visitors.

If you have eny questions or caments you can e-mail me or sing my guest book and i will anser you question the next time I update my site.
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Did you ever think of this.
Do you see scar on Cang Long {Lan Di}
In the same place Ryo has a band aid to see ryo go to photo page and the 3 pic is Ryo.
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